Professional Endorsements

I have been fortunate to have seen first-hand Dirk’s skill in working collaboratively with clients, parents and other professionals. Dirk is a highly capable psychotherapist who readily grasps sophisticated clinical concepts, yet works in a practical, compassionate and flexible manner that does not compromise the human element in his work with young clients. He is generous with his time in consulting with teachers and other involved professionals and in getting to know the interests and strengths of his clients. Dirk also holds himself to the highest ethical standards in his appraisal of each client’s individual needs and goes out of his way to assist with referrals to other professionals and resources when appropriate. He is one of the few therapists in whom I have complete confidence when making referrals.
— John A. Platt, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist, Bozeman, Montana
As a psychiatrist, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with Dirk extensively. He is an outstanding clinician, capable of engaging a diverse group of patients and family members. He has a unique ability to very creatively meet his patient’s needs. Dirk’s warmth, humor, passion for counseling, and commitment to life long learning is evident to all who know him. It is a joy to collaborate with such an exceptional therapist.
— Dr. Robyn Wechsler, MD, Pediatric and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Bethesda, Maryland
I very much value the opportunity collaborate with Dirk in the treatment of adolescents and their families in the Gallatin Valley. Dirk brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, compassion, ethical standards and humor to this work. He possesses the impressive ability to connect not only with a wide range of teens, but also with their parents, which is a critical component for effective treatment. I truly appreciate Dirk’s deep understanding of adolescent development and how this informs his ability to view them from a place of care and compassion, instead of pathology. I have also appreciated Dirk’s willingness to identify and access other resources and interventions that may be helpful to families and teens that are struggling. I look forward to our continuing collaboration.
— Wendy Bianchini, MS, LCPC, NCC, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor NNT Faculty, Dept. of Health and Human Development Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana
Dirk is a truly gifted counselor who goes the extra mile for his patients. He is down-to-earth, compassionate and very knowledgeable. I would have no hesitance to refer a family member to him.
— Barton Evans, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, George Washington University School of Medicine
Several years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Dirk Schenck through a mutual client here in Bozeman. I recall being very impressed initially and after a few years of knowing Dirk and working closely with him I am beyond impressed. I have been working with adolescents, young adults and their parents for 20+ years. Due to the national and international nature of my work, I have been fortunate to have hired, worked with and collaborated with some of the most talented therapist across the country. Dirk is at the top of that list. Not only is he an intelligent and well-educated individual; he has a unique ability to adapt to young people and their parents, often bridging a common gap between the two. His genuine compassion, empathy, humor, realistic approach and knowledge allow him to navigate through barriers individuals have constructed. I have witnessed the unique trust that develops between Dirk and his clients and I share that trust. He is one of the finest therapists and people I know.
— Mark Parlett, Educational Consultant and Life Coach, Bozeman, Montana
Dirk is one of those rare adults who understands adolescents and how they can detect anything phony. Dirk cuts through to what is important and human and does so with intelligence and compassion. I highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking support and change in their lives. I believe all the students I referred to Dirk learned to be better versions of themselves.
— Susan Rahauser, MS, LPC, NCC, Director of Counseling Services, Mercersburg Academy, Mercersburg, Pennsylvania
I would like to take this opportunity to most highly recommend and acknowledge the clinical expertise of Dirk Schenck, LCPC. I have known Dirk professionally for five years and feel fortunate to be able to endorse such a creative, skilled, and experienced mental health clinician. We have consulted in numerous situations and I can state that his intuitive, compassionate, and knowledgeable approach offers his clients a very direct and personal experience leading to both clarity and healing.
— William Ryan, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist, Bozeman, Montana
Dirk possesses a rare combination of qualities that place him among top clinicians I have known during my 30 years of private practice. His genuine warmth, intelligence, intuition, humor and creativity create a strong working alliance with his clients. His commitment to his clients and to the practice of counseling is exemplary.
— Dr. Susan Wechsler, PhD Clinical Psychologist, Chevy Chase, Maryland
Dirk is one of the rare therapists who possesses depth of clinical knowledge and insight along with an intuitive, grounded approach. He is direct and honest with adolescents and often provides practical and wise guidance to parents struggling to best support their child. I frequently turn to Dirk for consultation and advice on better understanding adolescents. He is witty, playful and motivating. Dirk provides creative ways of helping adolescents get unstuck and grow beyond what they could imagine for themselves.
— Heidi Marks, LCPC Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Bozeman, Montana
Dirk has an amazing ability to connect with different types of kids of all ages. His is always the first name I give out when parents are looking for a great therapist.
— Nancy Egan, School Counselor, Pyle Middle School, Bethesda, Maryland
Dirk has the right mix of knowledge, professionalism and humor. It is rare that a therapist is consistently well liked by his adolescent clients…and even more rare as those clients consistently improve. Dirk is one of the best!
— Britt H. Rathbone, LCSW-C, CGP, BCD, Founder and President, Rathbone & Associates, Bethesda, Maryland
It was my pleasure to share case review conferences with Dirk for nearly 10 years. I was especially struck by the empathic descriptions he shared of those with whom he worked. In assessing my case reports he was insightful and astute in reflections of what he heard ‘between the lines’, which helped me formulate better therapeutic responses. His training, continued studies, reading and disciplined affection for his work shone through our contacts. It is a pleasure to recommend him to those seeking a guide toward their own improvement.
— Greg Lyon-Loftus, MD, PhD, CMD, FAAFP, Family Medicine, Geriatrics, Hospice and Palliative Care, Waynesboro, Pennsylvania
I’ve had the good fortune to work with Dirk at Highland Elementary School for many years. His ability to connect with our students and engage them in opportunities for growth was phenomenal. Watching the kids learn and grow from him was truly a sight to be seen. Dirk’s skills are outstanding; every student with whom he worked was able to benefit and thrive. He is truly a gifted therapist, whom I value immensely.
— Courtney Lust, School Counselor, Highland Elementary, School Silver Spring, Maryland
I had the privilege and joy of working with Dirk for 11 years in a community mental-health program. His uncanny ability to quickly develop rapport and trust with adolescents is unmatched. This allows him to get to the heart of the matter and to work collaboratively with adolescents and parents, to develop strategies and skills to help make real change rather than simply talking about issues.
— Maureen Quinn Board Certified Acupuncturist, Rockville, Maryland